Hulu Signs Users Into Wrong Accounts With Facebook Connect

A stab at social integration went haywire this holiday weekend. Hulu was hoping to roll out a new login powered by Facebook Connect. But when users ended up logged in to the accounts of total strangers by mistake, the service was quickly taken offline.

Blogger Miken Flacy signed in as a Hulu employee, with full access to their personal data and, more embaraasingly, their taste in day time television.

Overall this is not a major deal. But with Hulu currently in the process of being shopped around to bidders like Microsoft and Google, even a small mishap is being taken very seriously.

Hulu VP of Platform Technology Richard Tom responded immediately with a blog post assuring users that this wasn’t caused by any hacking, just good old fashioned incompetence. Tom highlighted that no one accessed Hulu systems or “highly sensitive user information such as passwords or credit card numbers.”