Human Nature, As It Turns Out, Is Pretty Awful

The Art Newspaper reported this morning that California-based sculptor Don Wakefield found what appears to be a pretty faithful copy of one of his works in front of Seven Corporate Plaza, the headquarters of Olen Properties Corporation in Newport Beach. The piece, Untitled, was a collaboration with his artist friend Joseph “Chick” Glickman created in 1992. (On his web site, Mr. Wakefield says, “I collaborate with team member on concepts, themes, and materials to bring iconic and lasting images to reality. It’s an enlightening process if your ego isn’t too big for your britches.”) The original is in Chicago, in the home of Mr. Glickman’s son. The alleged copy, pictured on the left, is called, appropriately, Human Nature: Many Faces, to which The Observer can only sigh deeply.

Igor Olenicoff, the Florida-based billionaire who owns Olen Properties (surprise, surprise: he’s a convicted tax felon), said he purchased the piece in a sculpture park in Beijing during the 2008 Olympic Games. He wouldn’t comment for the story about the allegation that the sculpture was a fake.