iBreakfast Teaches You How To Be: ‘Master of Your Domain’

master of your domain iBreakfast Teaches You How To Be: Master of Your Domain

Judging by the name of an upcoming panel on ICANN’s new ruling, the organizers must be the only New Yorkers to have missed the seminal Seinfeld episode featuring what is, arguably, the most famous contest ever televised.  Either that or the “iBreakfast” its hosting  on August 3rd called “Master of Your Domain?” is much more about abstaining from self-pleasure than its description implies. According to the website, the panel, presented by TECHmarketing, covers how ICANN ‘s decision to open up top-level domain (TLD) names in exchange for cash is a gold-rush for brands.  The iBreakfast will cover how companies can navigate the Wild West of registries to their advantage :

“ICANN’s ruling on the domain registries forever altered the way brands, associations, and other entities are represented online.The ‘dot com’ era will soon be replaced with a myriad of possibilities involving ‘dot brand’ and ‘dot generic’ – essentially ‘dot anything.’ The implications for SEO and trademark protection are critical, and the opportunities presented to brands, industry associations – even investors – is exploding. Is this the new lakefront property bonanza of the Internet? This iBreakfast Conference will sort through the opportunities and surrounding issues.”

Presumably it will feature a lot less hospital sponge baths, virgin girlfriends, and JFK Jr. gym sightings–though you never know.