Interesting Ways of Getting Bitcoins Over the Counter

pharmacy Interesting Ways of Getting Bitcoins Over the CounterBitcoin’s not just for investors (although it mostly is) and criminals; at least three Manhattan restaurants accept the digital currency and Betabeat is noticing more and more goods and services being traded for BTC.

Among many creative ways to obtain the coveted cryptocurrency posted on comes this international offer: “I’ll sell you anything which can be bought for NOK in Norway, and ship it to you for the equivalent price in BTC (mtgoxask). Contact me for details.”

Other offers fulfill more niche needs: “If you have a frost-free hydrant, you may have noticed that the rod to which the handle attaches is made of brass. Use it long enough, and it will wear out and snap off from metal fatigue. I offer replacements made from stainless steel, which will likely outlive both you, and the seals in the hydrant.” Or: “If the transmission in your washing machine has seized up, and the repairman is telling you (correctly) that a new one is $300, and it’s cheaper to get a new washer, I can rebuild your old one instead for a third the price. I just did my own, and it runs like new.”

Bitcoiners are also willing to exchange Farmville credits, hacking services and Bitcoin-related domains.