MySpace’s Tom Is One of the Most Popular People On Google+

tom MySpaces Tom Is One of the Most Popular People On Google+

We thought you suffocated under an avalanche of spam banners!, the website that measures the most popular Google+ users by their number of followers, has had a bang-up week. In just seven days, founder Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten, announced this morning that his site (built in 24 hours from concept to product) picked up 300,000 unique visitors, a million pageviews, “and the servers didn’t even go down”! It’s further proof of our thesis that early adopters are using Google+ as just another social media status symbol.

But when we checked out the top 20 users on SocialStatistics page this afternoon, we noticed a different–but familiar!– face up there with the ranks of Mark Zuckerberg, Larry, and Sergey. The grainy photo… the plain white t-shirt… the chicken scratch on the white board… the awkward head turn. Tom from MySpace, is that you??!

In fact, Tom Anderson, who served as president of MySpace from 2003 to 2009, has been very active on Google+ since its launch, although clearly he’s not bothering with a more recent pic. But he did fill out his profile. Occupation? “Enjoying being retired :)” Currently 18,520 users have added Mr. Anderson to their circle–making him the 13th most followed beta user. But based on the fact that he hasn’t added anyone back yet, it seems these days he’s much less interested in being your default friend.

Update: Mr. Anderson wrote back to Betabeat via email. Although he was too busy at the moment to share his thoughts on whether it’s even possible for one social network to last decades or whether he sees Google making the some of the same mistakes as MySpace, he did correct us about assuming that he’s become less-friendly. “I have my privacy settings on so people can’t see who I’m following. Since my profile gets a lot of attention, I didn’t want to bother any of my friends.”