It’s All About the Branding: LearnVest Debuts Personal Finance Manager for Women

learnvest istock Its All About the Branding: LearnVest Debuts Personal Finance Manager for WomenWe knew something was up when news leaked last month that LearnVest had raised a multi-million round which the women-focused personal finance blog was trying to keep quiet. “We had not given that to TechCrunch by any means,” a slightly harried-sounding PR rep for LearnVest told Betabeat at the time when we called to ask what the heck a content site needs that kind of money for. Sources hinted that LearnVest was building “something like for women” and today LearnVest announced My Money Center, which aggregates bills, loans, credit cards, bank accounts, 401K and more into an interface that resembles an email inbox, as well as the complementary LearnVest Advice Center with expert advice and financial planning courses. For women.

They could just use, of course. But LearnVest’s product is targeted at women through branding and editorial content like the LearnVest newsletter (and iStock photos, of course). “We’ve talked to about 5,000 women through our LearnVest Labs program and we really understand what our users want when it comes to their money,” founder Alexa von Tobel told TechCrunch’s Leena Rao.

“We can’t be everything to everyone,” she said, emphasizing that she wants the site to have a voice and the fact that women make most of the household purchasing decisions.

LearnVest is still hiring for mostly 12 positions, mostly non-technical, except for a PHP developer.