It’s Probably a Bad Idea to Disguise Your Crystal Meth as Mediocre Art When Trying to Sneak Past Customs

An AP report says a 28-year-old Iranian man was arrested by Thai authorities for attempting to smuggle 33.6 pounds of crystal meth into the country disguised as art.

Safi Zadeh Hossein was carrying one 22-pound object that was of a yellow rose (how pretty!), and another 11-pound piece that looked like a framed cameo. He was traveling from Damascus.

33.6 pounds of crystal meth amounts to about $1.6 million.

This makes us wonder if the artwork simply looked like a giant mound of crystal meth, or if this is routine for customs officials: “Excuse me, sir, what a lovely piece of artwork. Before you take it into the country, though do you mind if we tested to see if it isn’t an exorbitant amount of illegal drugs?” The former is more likely true here.