Jane Pratt Doesn’t Get Out of Bed for Less Than $15,000

Jane Pratt (Getty Images)

Jane Pratt (Getty Images)

Magazine impresario Jane Pratt did not speak at last night’s tribute to her departed magazine, Sassy–despite the presence of marquee speaker Tavi Gevinson, the youthful dynamo collaborating on a future venture with Ms. Pratt (about which Ms. Gevinson spoke last night!). Per another speaker, Marisa Meltzer, “she was out of town on vacation” from her compelling duties managing website xoJane. “She sent a video.”

What does it take to command Ms. Pratt’s presence? Well, in a fifty-percent markup on the rate of the supermodels Ms. Pratt’s magazines once disdained, Ms. Pratt doesn’t get out of bed for less than $15,000.

We called the speaker’s bureau representing Ms. Pratt and told her we wanted her to deliver a brief address to a small group a month from now, in New York. We were just interested in hearing about Sassy, we said, when asked if there were any alternate speakers in whom we might be interested. We were quoted a fee of fifteen grand–because Ms. Pratt is local.

That’s fine, but can we choose her outfit?


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