Joe Crowley Doesn't Picture a Primary Against David Weprin

Rep. Joe Crowley said he doesn’t expect to ever run against David Weprin, the Democrat he helped pick as his party’s nominee to fill the vacant seat next door to him, which many suspect will be erased after redistricting next year.

“Quite frankly, we don’t know what is going to happen,” with the district lines, Crowley told reporters this morning in the Queens County Democratic headquarters, where Weprin signed the paperwork to officially become the Democratic nominee for the Ninth Congressional District.

“I don’t anticipate that David and I will be running against each other,” Crowley said. “I don’t’ see that in my forecast, but as I said before, nobody knows what is going to happen in reapportionment. So, I don’t anticipate that David and I will be running against each other.”

Later, I asked Crowley who is one of the few congress members to have hired a lobbyist to focus on the redistricting issue. Crowley said, “I’m busy in Washington. I don’t have the opportunity to be in Albany” where many of those decisions are being made.

Crowley’s district is mostly in the Bronx and extends all the way up to the Westchester border, The seat Weprin is running for is mostly in Queens, with about 30 percent in Brooklyn. Observer say Crowley is hoping to shift most of his district back into Queens — where he is the county leader.

The uncertainty about redistricting stems from the fact that Governor Cuomo’s vow to veto lines drawn by legislators, a practice they’ve done for generations and, as of today, are still vowing to do.