Jonathan May-Bowles Believed to be Murdoch Pie-Thrower

marbles Jonathan May Bowles Believed to be Murdoch Pie ThrowerJonnie Marbles, the pseudonymous writer, comedian, activist and blogger who took the credit for Murdoch’s pie in the face on Twitter (#splat), has been identified by a former classmate, also on Twitter, as Jonathan May-Bowles. It’s too hard to say if it’s him from the video footage we’ve seen, but if it is: This is his blog, this is his formspring, this is face explaining why he burned burned his ballot for MP.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Back in the day, (sixties) there were several public figures who got cream pies thrown in their faces for being jerks. I always thought it was an excellent protest because it was humiliating to the jerk and amusing to the onlookers and nobody got hurt. I would suggest bringing back this action except in today’s world, the pie thrower might get shot. Anyway, thanks for the laugh, bold Jonathon May-Bowles!