Joseph Gordon-Levitt Convenes Massive Internet Slush Pile

Gordon-Levitt, editor-in-chief.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s crowdsourced art co-op website, HitRecord, has recorded a book deal with Harper-Collins imprint It Books. The site takes user-generated content in individual units referred to as “records” which can then be “remixed” by other users, or just saved from the internet by Mr. Gordon-Levitt himself.

“When I see something that I think works really well I use my position in the industry to take it to traditional media,” says Mr. Gordon-Levitt in the introductory video on the site.

The book of rescued self-published material will be called The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories: Volume 1 and released in December. To curate, Mr. Gordon-Levitt has put up a call for submissions on the site for tiny stories and tiny illustrations for the tiny stories. No advances will be paid, and presumably any proceeds from the endeavor will follow the company’s stated revenue model: 50 percent to the company and 50 percent to the author (or in this case, authors and illustrators.)

[via Publisher’s Weekly]



Joseph Gordon-Levitt Convenes Massive Internet Slush Pile