Lady Gaga's Father, Denny Farrell and Education Advocates Donate to Stringer

Scott Stringer is raising money from people with ties to his one-time opponent, Eva Moskowitz, who lost the Manhattan borough presidents race to Stringer in 2005 and now runs a charter school Manhattan.

Stringer got $150 from the executive director of Democrats for Education Reform, Joe Williams. The group “only support[s] nonunion charter schools, bash[es] unions and get[s] subsidized by Wall Street hedge-fund managers,” according to the teacher’s union web site.

A board member of the group also co-founded the charter school now run by Moskowitz, in Harlem. Read More


  1. Guest says:

    did you really use the teachers union description as the top of the article to describe DFER with no inclusion for what they stand for in their own words? 

    1. Anonymous says:

      the union description was so over-the-top, i thought it spoke for itself and that a sophisticated reader would understand that.
      also, unions make up an important part of Democratic primary politics, and what they say about a Stringer donor (or any donor, really) is important.

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  3. Bill Mahoney says:

    As the father of a Lady, wouldn’t his proper name be “Duke Gaga?” 


    1. Anonymous says:


  4. […] and parents have been getting more engaged and have been running candidates of their own.  So far, it looked as if the bulk of their money was going to Manhattan borough president Scott Stringer or publishing executive Tom […]