Leighton Meester, Gossip Girl’s Becky Sharp

All that glitters is not gold. (Getty Images)

All that glitters is not gold. (Getty Images)

The Daily News reports that Leighton Meester has sued her mother for misappropriation of funds intended for the care of Ms. Meester’s ill brother (Ms. Meester’s mother allegedly used the money for plastic surgery). While this is a grave matter if Ms. Meester’s claims are accurate, our understanding of Ms. Meester as the perpetual striver on the Gossip Girl set–constantly going the extra mile in her line readings; posing for sad Seventeen covers while Blake Lively gets Vogue, W, and Vanity Fair; trying for a novelty music career while Ms. Lively is a Lagerfeld muse; singing her heart out in the flopulous Country Strong while Ms. Lively lands huge movie roles with a bat of her movie-star eyes… Ms. Meester’s turbulent home life and humble beginnings (it had previously been reported that she had been born in jail) add an extratextual element to the seasons-long narrative of femmes fighting for social dominance. Ms. Meester has always had a bit more for which to fight than the blonde California gurl.

Of a plot twist on The Simpsons, precocious Lisa once remarked, “This is like something out of Dickens–or Melrose Place!” Of Ms. Meester’s rise, ever thwarted by demons from the past and her own understandably try-hard nature, we might paraphrase: it’s like something out of Thackeray–or Gossip Girl.

Ms. Meester’s country single “Words I Couldn’t Say,” below.

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  1. Megi Amitaga says:

    What a horrible article about Leighton…could the writer be any more bias?! 
    As for Ms Lively ”landing huge movie roles”  lets get some things straight – her role in The Town has HORRENDOUS, her accent was a joke and her performance overall was a joke! 2 – Her ”big” movie Green Lantern got the worst reviews possible, I don’t remember a single decent review and once again, she didn’t push the boundaries with her so called ”movie-star eyes”..get a grip the girl sounds like she’s eating marbles when she speaks and has one facial expression!

    At least Leighton can actually ACT and isn’t a media whore who leaks her own naked pics to the media….I’m guessing we forgot about Lively’s little incident…might need to look that up, huh? And ”muse to Karl Lagerfeld” really…what a joke…being a ‘fashion muse’ doesn’t bring acting ability or success, we all know IT girls die out sooner or later and at least Leighton doesn’t seem to be interested in being known for her private life but rather for her acting/singing (which btw is fantastic).

    A casting couch actress *cough, Blake Lively* will always be remembered for one thing…the casting couch.

    Long comment but I don’t care, ”writers” like this piss me off.