Lindsay Lohan’s Italian Vanity Fair Shoot: Blonde Bombshell Brings the Bunga-Bunga

Can anyone in Milan buy us a copy?

Can anyone in Milan buy us a copy?

We read with extreme interest the Page Six news that Lindsay Lohan was to be on the cover of the September issue of Vanity Fair–though the item, which posited the specific photographer for Vogue‘s upcoming Kate Moss cover (Mario Testino), only informed us that the VF photoshoot was taken during Ms. Lohan’s house arrest period and featured new, bleached-blonde hair.

Turns out, the Vanity Fair photoshoot was for the Italian edition (we’ll be waiting to see if the U.S. one materializes). Today, Italian VF released its spread on Ms. Lohan, with new blonde hair in a sad little Bardot-faux bun. The spread, undertaken during Ms. Lohan’s house arrest and shot by one Alan Gelati, features Ms. Lohan sprawled against a giant teddy bear, holding a gilded skull. Annie L. this isn’t. indicates that the headline and subhed read: “Lindsay Lohan: ‘That badly I did yourselves?: ‘Unless you have not killed someone, I do not see the reason to be in prison’. The actress is confided openly and in exclusive right to Vanity Fair.” [sic] We’ll always have Rome, Lindsay! :: @DPD_


  1. Lori Johnson says:

    Why dont she do a shoot for the American Vanity Fair?