Loosecubes Gets Social With Facebook Because It’s All About Who You Work With

Ms. McKellar.

Loosecubes, the site that matches workers with open desks, cubicles and offices, just launched its Facebook-powered “recommended spaces” feature, which uses a member’s social graph to find a fresh, friendly new spot for him or her to jam on some wifi.

Founder Campbell McKellar wanted to use Facebook’s graph, not LinkedIn’s, because she wanted people to get productive with friends and friends of friends rather than professional contacts. “Right now it is based on the host’s relationship to your social graph, i.e. which spaces do I have mutual friends with the host?” she explained. “We are expanding this along other dimensions–where my friends have worked, etc., as we gather this data. Very exciting!”

Depending on your workstyle, this seems like it could either be distracting or extremely gratifying. “I’m not sure if Loosecubes is a clever commercial real estate play or a dating service for geeks,” Rafe Needleman writes at CNET.

But if you’re a fan of internet friend graphs and unconventional workspaces, Loosecubes is hiring a Ruby on Rails developer.