Man Tests Apple Store’s Limits With Pet Goat, Wife

Anyone who’s ever made an appointment at the Genius Bar is probably familiar with Apple retail store’s eagerness to please. Hell, they’ve even barred the word unfortunately from the employee lexicon, much less any hint of customer criticism.  You dunked your iPhone in the toilet? Sounds like it was very thirsty, sir. To determine whether Apple store employee’s agreeability knows no bounds, comedian and writer Mark Malkoff devised a series of four tests which he performed in various NYC locations. How did Apple training hold up against challenges like watching a customer order and eat pizza, romance his very tall wife, request help with iPhone while sporting full Darth Vader regalia, and walk in with a pet goat? Maybe a little too well . . .

Do Hotmail jokes ever get old? Not in Betabeat’s books!


  1. Fresh Ronaldo says:

    What they didn’t tell you in the video is that the same guys took the goat to a Microsoft Store. Nobody knew he was a goat. They thought it was a geeky gamer on a leash.