Marilyn Monroe Statue in Chicago Needs to Go Away Now Please

marilyn4 Marilyn Monroe Statue in Chicago Needs to Go Away Now PleaseArtinfo has a round-up of the growing litany of complaints against Chicago’s hideous Marilyn Monroe sculpture, Marilyn Forever, offering the following reasons for why it should go away:

-It’s sexist

-It’s kitsch

-It has nothing to do with Chicago

-It caused a divorce

Check! The former three we think speak for themselves, but that last one needs some explaining. Apparently, Joe DiMaggio was so perturbed by the racy scene in Billy Wilder’s The Seven Year Itch replicated by the 26-foot tall monstrosity, it led to the couple’s divorce.

Artinfo also includes an absolutely ridiculous British news report about the statue’s unveiling last Friday. Here’s the text, in its entirety because it’s that good.

The Windy City is the perfect place for Marilyn Monroe’s billowing dress! In Chicago now stands an 8-meter statue of the actress in her iconic pose. Tourists have wasted no time getting into prime position so they can get a good look of her fantastic knickers! [Tourist stands beneath legs with big smile, pointing up] Now the actual white dress was worn by the movie star in the film The Seven Year Itch and sold for more than $4.6 million at an auction last month, a fact that this super fan would know.

[Cut to random man on the street]: Yeah I was, like, looking at the statue, I collect Marilyn memorabilia and I saw this comin’ up, like, this whole week the unveiling, like from her legs up and it was unbelievable.

The city of Chicago will get to keep Marilyn in all her glory until next spring.

Next spring! For almost a whole year this atrocity will be making people unhappy. The Chicago Sun Times says people are licking the sculpture’s leg and “pointing at her giant panties as they leer and laugh.” The entire sculpture, not just the “giant panties,” is one of the most hideous and unnecessary piles of material—we will not call it “art”—we’ve ever seen. People are already rallying for it to be taken down.


  1. Unknowncolor says:

    After Warhol its a very natural extension of his ideas 

  2. Devilsepicurean says:

    If the couple that got divorced, REALLY divorced over this statue, they needed to do it.

    1. Shampton says:

      The Article is referring to Joe DiMaggio, not the statue. Please re-read.

  3. Greg Browne says:

    i think its great . marilyn deserves it :)

  4. Greg Browne says:

    i think its great . marilyn deserves it :)

  5. Koyopo says:

    What were this woman contributions to humanity?

    1. Shampton says:

      Improper Grammar

    2. Sydneyla says:

      Koyopo surely you jest.  Marilyn by the presentation of her life story, and the evil that was perpetrated on her by male mongrels, illuminates to the world that attitudes towards women that was a sad reflection on those who destroyed Marilyn and must be admitted and corrected.  Koyopo,  how do you imagine or explain how Marilyn could after all these years is now the best loved and most identified person in the world and remains popular long after her tormentors are long forgotten?

  6. Bobnick38 says:

    Wow!  Some people are getting their drawers in a bind over a 26 foot replica of Marilyn Monroe in the recreation of her famous pose in the SEVEN YEAR ITCH!  They say it is not art.   Did these same hypocrites get into a bind over the infamous Piss Christ monstrosity at a museum several years ago of the crucifix in a bucket of urine, or, the dung covered image of the Blessed Virgin Mary portrait?  NO!   The liberal artsy fartsy community called that ART !   These pitiful lefties always support the sacrilegious in art but are “offended” by such things as the Monroe statue.   It’s enough to make you throw up!

    1. Sydneyla says:

      Bobnicks38 you are totally correct when you identify those who are critical of the Marilyn statue as weak minded, trumped up nothings and self opinionated losers.  Marilyn, in life, loved her fans and in her loneliness enjoyed nothing more that to have their company because she knew that they were genuine in their affection for her.  To now have the public  closely embrace her and to show honest admiration would be most acceptable to Marilyn.  Marilyn was, is, and always be the prime example of show-business extraordinaire.  I hope to get to Chicago to see this fine work of art and maybe it will come to Australia in the future.

  7. Ivonamccormick says:

    Get a life people. It is art. You may not like it, but it is nonetheless. Marilyn statue has absolutely nothing to do with idiots sticking out toungues and taking pictures, They are and will be idiots whether Marily statue is there or not. It is called  “choice” in life. We all make them. Tale some responsibility for your own actions, or understand that people should be responsible for their own action, Do not blame it on a statue. Sounds petty…

    1. salt says:

      choice or no choice…  think past the nose on your face.  there are young teen girls, and young men, that see this, and the idea that a woman’s intimate body parts are something to laugh about… that women’s body’s are objects…  i bet some real pea brains get up under and think they’re something (really think) they’ve died and gone to heaven because they  are under MM.  Sick… sick soceity…     i pray God will open your eyes.  And I pray you will not have female or male children until you have some respect for women and yourself.

      1. Sydneyla says:

        Salt do not be offended as it is not my intention to insult or offend you,  but the expressions of your twisted and perverted view of life may require serious help.  Sweet and gentle Marilyn displays nothing more that any beach goer would observe at a day on the beach.  Any person who is offended or sees perversion in this work of art had better not visit any cathedral or the peruse the worlds great art.  Avoid Michelangelo’s David in Florence at all costs.

  8. Sunny_ledfurd says:

    please …! somebody! make it go away!

  9. Elahe_t says:

    It is a beautiful sculpture, made the city of Chicago even more beautiful.

  10. Gshell68 says:

    omg she is a legend dont you people have any thing eles to do but complaine that is  whats  wrong with this fn wordl always some negative  a hole has to ruin it 

  11. Baby_briza says:

    I think the people that complain about petty things such as a statue are obviously people in need of attention if you don’t like it avoid it! Plain and simple and get over it! We have endured far more in this world to start an issue over a f****n statue. It makes me sick when some people choose to look at things in a negative way especially if it was not meant to offend anyone. Chicago is one of the top city’s in the world and we definitely don’t need the reputation of being closed minded and snobbish. I’m excited to go see this larger than life replica of one of this worlds most beautiful and well known actress’s.

  12. Klimax149 says:

    Who cares really people it doesn’t bother me and shouldn’t anyone else. If it bugs you that bad take a different way to where ever you are going.  You people are the same people who complain that certain things should not be on TV or video games!  Just turn the channel or don’t buy the game for your kid or hey here is a thought don’t walk by the huge sculpture and you won’t have to complain about it.  Heck I don’t like the damn thing myself but freedom of expression goes to the artist on this one, sorry.  People that want censoring of freedom of speech or expression should be shipped somewhere else, because you people (you know who you are) are the people who will be the down fall of this countries freedom to do anything.  Oh wait we are almost there, have fun tearing this comment apart I don’t care.

  13. kattem habashy says:

    i like da’s luck good for me thank’s for this

  14. Pink_princess1223 says:

    Its a statue if this caused a divorce then the marriage was already in trouble.  She is wearing underwear…I can’t wait to visit chicago to see an icon.