Molly Jong-Fast on Her Upbringing: ‘I Was Like, “Shut Up!”‘

Molly Jong-Fast (Patrick McMullan)

Molly Jong-Fast (Patrick McMullan)

Erica Jong wrote a piece in this Sunday’s New York Times about the youth backlash against sex–informed by her daughter! “If their mothers discovered free sex, then they want to rediscover monogamy. My daughter, Molly Jong-Fast, who is in her mid-30s, wrote an essay called ‘They Had Sex So I Didn’t Have To,'” the afraid-to-fly elder novelist wrote. She mentioned the essay to us, pre-publication, at a party for Poets & Writers; and certainly, the notion that sex is dead is not one to which we’re unsympathetic.

We recently spoke to Molly Jong-Fast, who told us that a parent who writes about sex for a living–leaving aside the notion of parents with a mere healthy interest in sex–can be irksome! “I always find it very annoying to have parents like that. I don’t think you can prevent people from being who they are by bothering them. My parents were always like let’s talk about sex, and I was like ‘shut up!’

“I am kind of on the other side of the spectrum that I kind of believe that there’s not enough repression. The truth is that I haven’t made up my mind, but it would not be my first choice to have my children turn out like I did,” said Ms. Jong-Fast. “I love my parents, it would not have been my first choice. Probably I would have been more comfortable in a family full of doctors where I could live in anonymity.”

Ms. Jong-Fast’s essay is a part of her mother’s collection of essays entitled Sugar in My Bowl: Real Women Write About Real Sex. She is the author of several books. :: @DPD_