Morning Links: Hearst Invests in Start-Ups, Like Location-Based Sex Advice


  • Anna Wintour is working on a memoir, according to Page Six. Her rep denies it.
  • Hearst is investing like a venture capitalist, reports the Wall Street Journal.
  • Predator-catching NBC reporter Chris Hansen may be having an extramarital affair with a consenting adult, so NBC dropped him from the search for Ann Curry’s Dateline replacement, says Page Six.
  • In August Cosmpolitan magazine will launch an app for men, discreetly called CFG (Cosmo for Guys). It’s location based!

“Looking for suggestions on what kinds of sexual activities women in your geographical area prefer?” the Times writes. “Cosmo for Guys culls responses from questionnaires on and feeds them through Google Maps based on where a woman has written her response.

  • News of the World update, via the Guardian: Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has called for Rupert Murdoch to drop his bid for BSkyB. Labour leader Ed Miliband wants to force Parliament to vote on it, which would be non-binding but politically significant.  Rupert Murdoch told reporters Rebekah Brooks, News International boss and erstwhile NOTW editor, is his top priority right now. Americans are curious what will happen to Dow Jones chief Les Hinton, who headed News International during the scandal. He may soon be under investigation, too, because it’s unclear whether he saw the 2007 internal report that showed widespread evidence of hacking before he testified to Parliament that it was limited to one rogue reporter.
  • Daily Beast/Newsweek editor Tina Brown saw the opportunity for a commercially pegged metaphor in this News Corp. mess.

“Imagine if that vision were allied to journalistic ethics. Murdoch would be a god. But the maggot-infested underside of News of the World is a metaphor for what his whole tabloid operation has wrought.He could have been Dumbledore crossed with Harry Potter. But he’s Voldemort, and he’s not vanquished yet,”  she said.

  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 premieres in New York tonight.
Morning Links: Hearst Invests in Start-Ups, Like Location-Based Sex Advice