Morning Links: Ray Kelly Blames Media for Perp Walk Phenomenon

dsk perpwalk 2011 Morning Links: Ray Kelly Blames Media for Perp Walk Phenomenon

Sorry we did this, Ray.

“Do Men Fake Orgasms?” an article splashed on the AOL’s homepage yesterday, is a sign of the liberal Huffington Post’s influence on AOL, according to World Net Daily, amid an  “ongoing campaign of profanity, crude sexual metaphors and hate speech against conservatives.” For an allegedly “explicit” article, WND sure does quote a lot of it.

Kidnapping victim Elizabeth Smart is about the be named an ABC News contributor, according to Howard Kurtz. What are her qualifications? She killed it on her freedom media blitz, parlaying the “my story” interviews into advocacy gigs, and then she stood up to Nancy Grace one time.

Elizabeth Smart vs. Nancy Grace

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly blamed the media for the Dominique Strauss-Kahn perp walk circus, reported the Post.

“Making a decision to stake out a location, where someone is brought out of a police station, that is a decision you make, not a decision the Police Department makes,” he said. “We don’t have any secret way of getting people to court.”

Mayor Bloomberg has also changed his stance on the practice.

As advertisers pull out of Murdoch papers in the UK, the BSkyB deal disintegrates, Murdoch fils is reportedly looking into buying Telecom Italia Media, for Sky Italia.


  1. Jpsgs says:

    Out of control? The entire department? No. Some people may be out of certain levels of control. What can you expect from a group of people that large in numbers in that line of work? Is everyone expected to do exactly what he or she is regulated to do? Would it be realistic to expect absolutely everyone to behave exactly according to rules? No, I don’t think so.

    It’s life. Deal with it.