Morning Links: Tavi Gevinson and Marisa Meltzer Had a Productive Sleepover

Al Sharpton will probably replace Cenk Uyger in the 6 p.m. spot at MSNBC, reports the New York Times. Mr. Uyger was in a six-month trial period, during which Phil Griffin found him too anti-establishment, he claims. He was offered a weekend show, which he will not take.

Alan Rusbridger encouraged Bill Keller to continue covering the News of the World phonehacking–the two were already buddy-buddy after that whole Wikileaks ordeal–but the New York Times did all their own sourcing, according to the Washington Post. David Cameron also believes other tabloids like The Sun and The People were illegally hacking phones too, they reported today.

Child labor law violation Tavi Gevinson and ’90s expert Marisa Meltzer are shopping a book this week called “Diary,” reports WWD. They came up with the idea during a sleepover. It will include juvenilia from Miranda July and the Mulleavy sisters. The book proposal was in ‘zine form.