Myspace Shall Rise Again This Weekend, as Hipster Party in Brooklyn

myspace party Myspace Shall Rise Again This Weekend, as Hipster Party in BrooklynRemember when social networking was all shooting stars and coy mirror photos? Those were more innocent times. The worst Myspace and makeoutclub and Friendster ever did was create Tila Tequila, and it appears some people are nostalgic for that kind of harmless fun. “YOU’VE SEEN FACEBOOK, THE MOVIE. WE BRING YOU MYSPACE: THE PARTY,” says the invite for an all-night 2005-themed dance party at The Bell House. “The most RIDICS party EVARRRR!”

From the (HAH) Facebook event:

Remember the good ol’ days of the internet? Before your mom was online, When Tom was your friend, you could find dates on makeoutclub, all of your deepest thoughts lived on LiveJournal, and between your cameraphone and your bathroom mirror you had all the pics of yourself you’d ever need (so what if there was sometimes a toilet or towel rack in the background)?

In the time pre-#SWAG, when Facebook was something you got when you went to college (and you were too busy on Friendster anyway), when “customizing your layout” was a top priority, when email was a once-a-day thing and you used your precious few cellular phone minutes to actually talk to people?

Well pucker up, flip that cameraphone around one last time and get ready to make your best MyspaceFace ever because we’re bringing it all back in one epic dance party, complete with ridiculous hair, studed belts, guyliner, ironic tees, clueless looks and big puppy dog eyes.

Expect Franz Ferdinand, The Faint and Hot Hot Heat, plus plenty of emo and duck faces! We can tweet about this, rite?