New York-Born, Y Combinator-Bred Drchrono Raises $675K to Get Doctors on the iPad

drchrono team New York Born, Y Combinator Bred Drchrono Raises $675K to Get Doctors on the iPad

DrChrono with Y Combinator founder Paul Graham. From left to right: Michael Nusimow, Mr. Graham, Katelyn Gleason and Daniel Kivatinos.

Drchrono started in New York almost three years ago with the goal of bringing the same principles of good design that rule companies like Square and Mint to electronic medical records. After a stint in the Rose Tech Ventures incubator, founders Daniel Kivatinos and Michael Nusimow skipped coasts to join Y Combinator. “The alumni of YC is a really powerful network,” Mr. Kivatinos told Betabeat in May, and right he was: The start-up just raised a $675,000 seed round from a dazzling line-up of investors including General Catalyst, Charles River Ventures, 500 Startups, Gmail creator and FriendFeed co-founder Paul Buchheit, Google’s Principal Engineer Matt Cutts, and the Start Fund (made up of investments from Yuri Milner and SV Angel).

We’re sure Mr. Kivatinos is pleased, considering he told Betabeat that West Coast investors are “bolder” than New York investors. “Investors in Silicon Valley are the best you can find,” he said. “If they see amazing ideas, they will move fast to cultivate that idea… for example, Facebook–investors in Boston could have invested first, but waited. In Silicon Valley investors move fast.”

Drchrono is a free platform for the iPad that handles medical records, electronic prescriptions, billing and patient management; it even includes speech-to-text. More than 5,000 doctors currently use it, according to the press release.