No Soup for You! Anthony De Rosa, SoupSoup, Leaves Tumblr for Now

Prolific and widley followed Tumblr SoupSoup, run by Reuters social media editor Anthony De Rosa, went on hiatus today. He clarified the situation for Betabeat by phone.

The thing that really freaked me out was that the layout on my Tumblr just changed randomly. I didn’t got in to change it or try any custom theme. For years I gave them the benefit of the doubt, when it was eating my posts or the site was going down. But this is something happening on the backend I can’t control. I’m not going to spend all this time tyring to babysit my Tumblr.

I’m not quitting, if the service got better tomorrow I would be back on. But right now I cant even get on to post my responses to people who are saying I quit.

Fear not, news junkies. In the meantime you can follow De Rosa on Twitter, Facebook and Google+

As Adrianne Jeffries reported for Betabeat several months ago, since the Tumblr team got serious about hiring engineers, downtime has been far better than in years past. But clearly stability is still an issue for the rapidly growing service.