NOTW Update: Whistleblower Dead; Rebekah Brooks's Husband's Computer Bag Seized

Hoare, via The Guardian

Sean Hoare, the News of the World whistleblower who helped blow open the phone hacking case that has taken down two News Corp. executives thus far, was found dead in his apartment today, according to The Guardian.  An acknowledged alcohol and drug addict, Hoare’s death is being described as “unexplained.” It’s safe to say this is a major blow for journalists and investigators trying to excavate this mess. Hoare’s intel on “pinging”–a way of locating subjects via their cell phones that required police cooperation–was cited in news stories as recently as four days ago.

Rebekah Brooks’s husband, Charlie Brooks, a former racehorse trainer and friend of David Cameron, has embroiled himself in police investigations, reports The Guardian. Mr. Brooks tried to retrieve a bag containing a computer, a phone and some paperwork, which was found in garbage bin by the security guard at a parking garage not far from their home in London. Unable to prove it belonged to him, the security guard called the police, who seized the bag and security tapes from the garage. Mr. Brooks claimed the bag is his and has nothing to do with his wife’s investigation and he has no idea how it wound up in the garbage. But will he sing a different tune if the cops find the bad stuff on it?