NYC Music Start-Ups, the Time May Just Be Now–Dubset Raises $500 K.

dj kid NYC Music Start Ups, the Time May Just Be Now  Dubset Raises $500 K.“Governing Dynamics Venture Capital and individual angel investors have put $500,000 into, a start-up that allows users to stream exclusive DJ music mixes,” says a press release issued by the New York-based company. Dubset is bringing back DJ-curated music in the age of pay-to-play radio.

Dubset has signed more than 200 DJs, the company says, making it a human-powered Pandora. Users can make their own mixes, too, as well as legally download songs thanks to Dubset’s proprietary algorithm which “fingerprints” mixes so that individual artists are appropriately compensated for their tunes. We’re going to throw out a random guess based on the start-ups Twitter followers and say the site probably has around 25,000 active users. Dubset also has plans for editorial content, reviews, street team marketing, and party coverage.

With’s general breakout success and recent blessing by stodgy music industry institution ASCAP, being a music start-up in New York is starting to seem a little less terrifying and a little more promising.