Our Week in Real Estate: Will Zeckendorf; Deepak Chopra; Darius Kasparaitis; James Murdoch; the Muppets

William Lie Zeckendorf basically flipped Bruce Wasserstein’s old 927 Fifth place.

We gauged the height of the south tower in Related’s Hudson Yards.

Blackstone kingpin Tony James bought Hal Prince’s 834 Prince duplex.

An ex-Deutsche Bank exec clinged to Tribeca.

Ex-New York Ranger captain Darius Kasparaitis was checked on 59th Street.

The wonks—and ourselves a bit—grew immediately wistful for outgoing M.T.A. head Jay Walder.

Getty moved upstairs from New York at Trinity’s One Hudson Square.

Shack Shake pondered a Grand Central location

…While Apple confirmed it would, indeed, open one.

Related drew closer to its first lease at Hudson Yards.

Two artists bought a rather funky-looking place on the Lower East Side.

Deepak Chopra’s personal yoga instructor got a deal on Prince Street.

Robert Knakal analyzed what’s driving the investment sales market now.

Sam Chandan reported from Europe on the Italian financial crisis.

And we wondered aloud about what would become of the Muppet Mansion with James Murdoch so indisposed across the pond.

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