Personable Jesus: Reformers Hope for a Savior in Brooklyn Special

On a recent Wednesday afternoon, Jesus Gonzalez finished a Newport outside his Bushwick office, then ducked to the back with a comb and some gel. He emerged with his close-cropped hair slicked down, and picked up a stack of campaign literature before setting out to knock on some doors.

“It is one of the oldest community organizing tactics,” said Mr. Gonzalez, in an untucked beige polo shirt, an oversized blazer, baggy jeans and shiny patent leather kicks. “Even Jesus’ disciples did it to spread the word.”

Mr. Gonzalez, who goes by the English pronunciation of his first name, Jesus – though some supporters have quietly tried to push the Spanish pronunciation for the campaign – will need some new converts to win the upcoming special election in New York’s 54th Assembly District. Read More


  1. Voice of Reason says:

    Wow, I’m amazed at how Jesus pretty much has his entire family working at Make the Road. Talk about not doing politics as usual.  And I am oh so amazed at how the media never picks up at the fact that Lincoln Restler’s dad works on Wall Street and that Lincoln is buying off all these people to try and garner support–again Politics as usual! These REFORMERS are all FULL OF CRAP!  A wise American political figure once said, a reformer is only a reformer until (s)he is in the position; after that they return to business as usual.  

    1. RBSSC says:

      jesus’ family are two staff out of a city wide organization. both of his family members have a more extensive and proven track than Rafael or Diedra

  2. guest says:

    Where to begin? First, if you look at who is working on this campaign, and where the money is coming from, you can see right away that it’s from outside the district. Even Gonzalez seems to be more from the 53rd AD part of Bushwick. Wealthy “reformers” like Andrew Friedman and Lincoln Restler are using their parents Wall Street/Washington corporate connections to influence the race. Even the elected officials who have chosen to support him are mostly from Williamsburg, with the one exception of soon to be indicted Charles Barron. As for the WFP, why no word on the infamous history of Data & Field services? Finally, this article would have been much more interesting if it would have focused on the unlikely fact that Nydia Velasquez is supporting a candidate against  her mentor and long time ally Ed Towns’ daughter. Gonzalez seems like a spoiler to me. 

    1. RBSCC says:

      I think Jesus is smart. young dude from the hood got them all to the table. he’s been hustlin. I just met him on my block today. he’s the real deal. i don’t know these people you talk about but i did meet him and we needs change. clown politicians claiming their throne. if these politicians were really about the community they would support Jesus. he’s from here and paid his dues

  3. Anonymous says:

    I love the comments about “FAT CAT” Democ”RAT” Lincoln Restler and his “Wall Street” Ties 

    But this race is about “POWER” who has it and can they elect their choice.

    The “Voters” are mere window dressing and the on;y real issue is which of the “POWERS” will win.

    Before there was the “Oracle at Delphi” there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli

    VJ Machiavelli
    The Legislative Budget is Too Damn High

  4. Brooklyn123 says:

    Deidre Towns isn’t African-American. Her father, Rep. Towns, has been public with the fact that Deidre is adopted and is Puerto Rican (I believe he even mentioned this in this column before). You should do your research before writing stuff as fact.

  5. Informed says:

    Gonzalez has a sister and a cousin who have been working at Make the Road as long as he has. They spent their youth learning about the community they lived in and decided to dedicate their lives working to improve it as organizers and advocates. Nothing wrong with that. This is very different than having someone in your family earning over a half million dollars while working part time there as a so called director, such as Vito, or funneling six figures to their wife’s so called non profit, such as Erik. Espinal wants to call himself a community activist and has no background as such. I don’t even think he knows the definition of the term. Jesus has lived in the district his entire life, went to school there, and still hangs out there. Nothing else needs to be said except Google each candidate’s name, and do your homework. The facts are there. Jesus has the most credentials, hands down. It’s time for a change – let’s get rid of these empty suits!

  6. guest says:

    I find it funny how Gonzalez and Towns’ supporters only attack Espinal and avoid any substantive criticism of each other. Espinal is a smart and agressive Democrat who is obviously the best choice for this community. He’s the only one that would be an effective Assemblyman, who would actually bring much needed resources to the district. Like Charles Barron, who endorsed him, Gonzalez seems like just another left wing demagogue, uninterested in forging coalitions or actually getting things done. The people living in the 54th AD don’t need another soapbox orator, they need results.