Positively 55th Street: Does Bob Dylan Eat At Michael's?

Stuck inside of Michael's with the Memphis blues again.

Stuck inside of Michael's with the Memphis blues again.

Michael’s Twitter feed–the only source for our favorite midtown brasserie’s granular updates on celebrity guests and, also, yoga tips–alerted us that one Robert Zimmerman is dining there now. We called the restaurant, which obviously isn’t shy about giving away its celebrity guests, but the front office said they had no idea whether Mr. Zimmerman was the Robert Zimmerman who’d changed his name to Bob Dylan.

“I didn’t write the Tweet, that happens upstairs,” said the Michael’s employee we reached in the restaurant’s office. She didn’t know whether it was Mr. Dylan rubbing elbows with a crowd that today includes David Patrick Columbia and Bonnie Fuller, though Mr. Dylan’s tour schedule is on a brief hiatus until July 14.

What does Mr. Dylan like at Michael’s? A simple side dish, given the fancy premises, would probably be out of the question. So don’t think rice–it’s all right.

(Update: There is a Robert Zimmerman who manages a PR firm on Long Island. Chalk one up–perhaps, he seems more the Michael’s type!–to same-name syndrome.)

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