Red-Headed Women May Not Be Evil, But They Are Linkbait

Nicole Kidman (Getty Images)

Nicole Kidman (Getty Images)

Are Red-Haired Women ‘Evil’?” –The Daily Beast, July 2011, a seven-slide slideshow that fails to come down on either side of the question (descriptors used: “shock of wild red hair”)

“Caught Redheaded,” –The Daily, July 2011, a collage of famous redheads in which only modern-day Cyndi Lauper looks even slightly evil (descriptors used: “subtle highlights,” “pink,” “scarlet,” “punky,” “cough-syrup rouge,” “Maraschino cherry,” “auburn,” “red-brown”)

“The Ginger-Haired Jezebel: Julianne Moore’s Eleven Most Adulterous Performances,” –Grantland, July 2011, a listicle in which it is implied that Ms. Moore’s hair color denotes, if not evil, then a certain sexual unscrupulousness (descriptors used: “ginger-haired,” “naturally red,” “flame-haired”) :: @DPD_

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