Reflections on Selling a Warhol Portrait of Yourself, With Bob Colacello

Last fall, Vanity Fair writer Bob Colacello decided to sell a portrait that Andy Warhol made of him in 1980, when Mr. Colacello was working for Interview, and decided to take along a Vanity Fair camera crew to document the experience. The video was just released and, boy, is it good!

The painting was repayment for Mr. Colacello’s brokering a portrait commission for Warhol, which was a standard practice at Interview. As you might imagine, it was bittersweet to sell the painting but, Mr. Colacello says in the video, prices being what they are “it seemed like a really good time to cash in, quite frankly.”

It’s a great first-hand look at what it’s like to take something of personal value to auction. We won’t give away the ending but everything ties together rather nicely. This web video’s got it all!