Restaurant That Accepts Bitcoin Will Now Also Sell You Bitcoin

meze grill Restaurant That Accepts Bitcoin Will Now Also Sell You Bitcoin

Meze Grill, a Mediterranean restaurant near Columbus Circle, was one of the first known brick-and-mortar establishments to accept Bitcoin due to evangelism by neighbor and Bitcoin enthusiast Bruce Wagner. Now the restaurant is going further down the Bitcoin rabbit hole by operating as a small-scale exchange. Hey, accepting Bitcoin already got the place on international television and into the pages of Daily Intel–adding the cryptocurrency to the actual menu only seems logical. Come in with cash; walk out with Bitcoin! Just don’t go at lunch hour.

Meze Grill is charging a six percent fee and customers need to email ahead to make an appointment and submit your Bitcoin address. Then walk into the restaurant, hand over the money and the coins will be transferred to your account. Bitcoin is trading around $14 USD today.

Downtown, Vitaly is reportedly the second restaurant in Manhattan to accept Bitcoin; we’ve also heard you can buy crepes with it in Dumbo. Word that Mr. Wagner is setting up a third Manhattan eatery with the digital currency tonight.


  1. Anonymous says:

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