Rev. Diaz: They Love Me!

Throughout the debate over same-sex marriage, Bronx State Senator Ruben Diaz quickly alerted reporters to the mounds of  hate-mail that he was receiving for his opposition to the bill.

But now that the debate is over and Diaz’s side lost, the Pentecostal minister wants you to know that it hasn’t all been bad. Earlier today his office emailed out a compilation of all the love that Diaz has been receiving.

He writes:

“I have been blessed the past two weeks with an outpouring of support from countless New Yorkers who have embraced me on the street, called me, written to me, and posted online thanking me for standing strong for my convictions. These include:

New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan: “I have read your July 7 piece. Bravo! Consider me a grateful ally who admires you deeply.” In Christ, +Timothy M. Dolan

Pastor Beverley Kazmierczak from Lancaster, NY: “Keep on fighting for the truth of GOD’s word.”

Unification Church in Latham, NY: “Thank You! and God Bless You Ruben Diaz! for Standing With God’s Viewpoint! Dios de Bendiga!”

Buffalo, New York: “That is one of the things I like in you unlike my senator (Grisanti) who is the one who is getting the most attention over that awful bill. I am registered Rep and on the Party Committee for the Councilmanic District, City and County but you are the only Dem I am willing to support. I have friended you on Facebook and unfriended my senator.”

Diaz also includes some fan mail from non New Yorkers, including this one fromOklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern:

“Sen. Diaz, you are in my prayers. Three years ago I was the target of the homosexuals because of statements I made regarding the dangers of the homosexual agenda. So I know what you are going through. Continue to stand strong on God’s Word. What the homosexuals mean for evil toward you, God will use for His glory, your good, and the benefit of others. God bless you and your family.”


Diaz may want to tread carefully though when he outs though who profess to love his work. As Think Progress noted, Kern, the Oklahoma Senator listed above once said at a rally that gay people are “worthy of death.”