Riccardo Tisci Is All Over the Internet Today

We knew Riccardo Tisci was a busy guy, but we had no idea just how busy before today.

Here’s the creative director of Givenchy (and likely candidate to replace John Galliano at Dior) giving Suzy Menkes a private tour of his 10-piece couture autumn/winter 2011 collection. (Ms. Menkes has lots of nice things to say about it too: “Extraordinary craftsmanship!” “Chic and sweet!” etc.)

And over there, his design for the long-awaited Jay-Z and Kanye West collaboration, Watch the Throne. The album’s title is presumably not about watching Game of Thrones, but rather references being a member of hip-hop royalty. Still, the all-gold sculptural work of art-cum-album cover does not include the names of either rapper, nor does it display the title.

And what’s this? Mr. Tisci with his mouth around Marina Abramovic’s breast in the 60th issue of Visionaire! Woah. Mr. Tisci was the issue’s guest editor and apparently picked the idea out himself. Ms. Abramovic, dressed in a flowing black gown, is breast-feeding him. Talk about a jam-packed day.