Roundup: Vito Lopez and Joe Crowley; David Weprin and Bob Turner

lopez crowey222 Roundup: Vito Lopez and Joe Crowley; David Weprin and Bob Turner

The County Leaders: Vito Lopez of Brooklyn and Joe Crowley of Queens. (photo credit: azi paybarah / observer)

2012: Cuomo backs Obamanomics. [Ken Lovett / Daily News]

NY9: Queens to cave to Conservatives and back Bob Turner. [Liz Benjamin / Capital Tonight]

NY9: “This is going to be a real race. We have to take this seriously,” said Weprin. [Grace Rauh / NY1]

NY9: “NY GOP should unite behind Bob Turner & redeem themselves from their dismal failures of the past.” [Daniel Horowitz / Red State]

NY9: Conservative group of Orthodox Jews criticize Weprin for supporting same-sex marriage. [Community Guardians Group]

NY9: Weprin donors include “many boldfaced real estate names.” [CJ Hughes / Real Deal]

Council: Vallone lost thousands in discretionary funding for upstaging and opposing Quinn’s push to rename bridge after Koch. [Sally Goldenberg / NY Post]

Manhattan DA: Dershowitz criticizes Vance for ‘stonewalling’ on probe of sister-in-law’s death. [Sabrina Ford / NY Post]

Layoffs: HHC can proceed with layoffs, appellate court rules, reversing lower court decision. [John Elligon / New York Times]

And Vito Lopez explains the need to take Republican Bob Turner seriously (and wages a beer on the race after the jump!). [Youtube]


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