Sagaponack Estate ‘Too Good and True’

This house is classic Hamptons—big and filled with beachy decor. (We get it, we know we’re in the Hamptons. not everything has to be painted blue or beige to match the beach.) We must admit, however, that the white wood moldings and wood-burning (we think) fireplaces make the house look very inviting. The listing has a bit of a baffling title, however: “Too Good And True.” A play on “too good to be true?”

The 5,200-square-foot Sagaponack estate does have its share of attractive amenities, including a pool and a terrace that overlooks the ocean and farmland. It also has five bedrooms and a basement “ready to be finished” (i.e. renovated with your money). All for $9.6 million.

Photos: Saunders