Self-Promotion Lessons for Non-Self Promoters

Not allowed in class.

The only person who doesn’t prickle at the sound of a self-promoter is a self-promoter, although we can’t vouch for their internal pangs of self-loathing. To get over the conundrum of the loudest voices in tech not necessarily being the wisest, First Round Capital’s Charlie O’Donnell is contemplating offering classes in what we’d like to call The Art of Non-self-promoter-y Self promotion (Want to upboat your brilliance without boasting?! Here’s how!).

Of course, those type of self-effacers probably wouldn’t sign-up for a class like this in the first place. So,  if you know some industry whiz whose superior insights and considerable experience could drown out the bombastic bloggers and empty conference circuit chatter , “Feel free to force them into it,” writes Mr. O’Donnell.  Don’t be afraid of a gentle shove, if necessary.