‘Spider-Man’ Stays Earthbound After Technical Difficulties

No, Reeve Carney, you can't just fly by force of will. (Getty Images)

No, Reeve Carney, you can't just fly by force of will. (Getty Images)

Playbill reports that last night’s performance of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark began with an announcement that many flying sequences–the main draw, one might say, of a show that has faced numerous difficulties in the revision of its music and book–would be scotched for the evening performance. The central bushing rig, per a spokesperson speaking to Playbill, “was not working as planned during the pre-show flight rehearsal, so it was decided that certain flights be cut from the show last night. Safety always comes first.”

Uncomfortable moment: a day before the non-flying performance, Playbill ran an interview with the creative team subtitled “How New Collaborators Taught Spider-Man to Fly Again.” Well, the “flying” here is metaphorical–the writer referred here to the creative aspects. With mixed reviews for the creative elements, though, the onus is on Spider-Man’s creative team to keep the theme-park aspects working. On to tonight’s performance!

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