Spitzer 2010 Donates $125K to Harvard, Horace Mann, Skadden

Eliot Spitzer’s 2010 campaign is, finally, down to $0.

Among the former governor’s last expenditures were over $100,000 in charitable contributions made on July 10 — the last day of this filing period.

The breakdown: $25,000 went to Harvard Law Fund; $25,000 to Horace Mann School; $25,000 went to Skadden Fellowship, and $50,000 to President and Fellows of Harvard College.

Spitzer’s charitable streak comes after his CNN show was canceled, taking away the major vehicle he had for a potential 2013 return to politics. As the head of a huge real estate empire, his philanthropic endeavors could continue.

[h/t Bill Mahoney]


  1. forestowner says:

    Hey, Spitzer!

    I was the Spitzer Captain from Tompkins County, which voted for you in droves and gave you some of those donations, too: how about NY’s land grant university and Ivy League school, Cornell?  Community and Rural Development Institute, to be precise, which helps local governments across NY cope…. including with SELF-CENTERED people like you. I repeat, it is NOT about you– we entrusted you with that money and that responsibility, and you immaturely acted like the spoiled brat you still seem to be, after all this.  The people who gave you that money deserve some benefit, dude!