S&S and Random House Have Summer Blockbusters

107929184 S&S and Random House Have Summer Blockbusters

GRRM: laughing all the way to the bank.

Simon & Schuster and Random House appear to have emerged unscathed from the boycott threatened by Facebook vigilantes who demanded statements from both publishers that they do not have any plans to publish a Casey Anthony book (both publishers put up Facebook posts saying they had no such intentions whatsoever).

George R.R. Martin’s Dance With Dragons, published by Bantam, a division of Random House Book Group, broke this year’s record for highest single-day and first-day sales for fiction, selling 300,000 copies across audio, electronic and print on Tuesday.

Simon & Schuster also had a stellar Tuesday: Jaycee Dugard’s memoir of her time as a kidnapping victim, A Stolen Life, sold 175,000 copies across all book platforms.


  1. Nan cam says:

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