Start-Up News: Hands-On Hacking Hits Hard, a Hop and a Skip, SeamlessWeb Is a Tease, and the OG VCs Announce Hiring

craft party Start Up News: Hands On Hacking Hits Hard, a Hop and a Skip, SeamlessWeb Is a Tease, and the OG VCs Announce Hiring

This week in New York start-ups:

TO DO LIST: Maker Faire at Etsy, tonight at 6:30. Get together and talk about doing. Behind on your mainstream? The Social Network is screening at Pier 63Hack and Tell at Meetup, tomorrow. There will be electronic fireflies! More hacking to be had at Red Bull Creation, this weekend at McCarren Park. And last but not least in the hands-on hacking category, submissions are now being accepted for World Maker Faire.

General Assembly is hosting a Selling to Middle America class, in which the co-founders of Jump Ramp Games will talk about how to get people to use Foursquare and in Missouri, etc. Seems relevant, but they could have given it a less-condescending name. Selling to Customers Who Make Up the Vast Majority of the Consumer Web Market and Are Essential for Many Start-Ups to Succeed, perhaps?

The first Startup Health Roundtable announced for next week, at Meetup.

CH-CH-CHANGES. HopStop, menaced by Google Transit, launched a new site. Can the two co-exist? Google has the world to cover; HopStop, a local start-up, is betting they can at least do New York better. Background Check App for the Android launched (for instant recon on those potential dates you’re scoping on HowAboutWe’s recently-launched app)). “The appropriately named “Background Check App” is the first of its kind for Android and users are responding enthusiastically.” SeamlessWeb is also about to get more seamless.

FIRST RESPONDERS. LocalResponse is hiring someone team-oriented to be lead software engineer. Bessemer Venture Partners, the oldest venture-capital firm in the U.S. according to itself (they invested in Carnegie Steel!), is hiring analysts. Job-seekers with an interest in education should also look at Knewton and Drop the Chalk, both hiring.