Sweeney says Christie knows he was wrong to cut Wynona Lipman House funding

Following the announcement this afternoon of the restoration of funds for the Wynona Lipman House, Senate President Steve Sweeney said in a prepared statement that, “Democrats have been fighting to correct this governor’s mistakes for 19 days, most of which the governor was on vacation and all of which the Republicans in the Legislature have failed to represent anyone other than the governor.

“In those 19 days people have been killed, children have been shot, buildings have burned to the ground. The most vulnerable in our state have lost services and care, all due to the actions of this governor and the inaction of his Republican legislators.

“The bottom line is the governor knows he was wrong but, as always, refuses to acknowledge any kind of mistake on his part. My Democratic colleagues and I will review the governor’s proposals and continue to try and do what we can to restore his senseless cuts.

“In the meantime, we expect to see more press conferences from Governor Christie acknowledging his mistakes in cutting funding for AIDS medications, programs for the blind, mental health hospitals, education grants and many other worthwhile programs.”