Takashi Murakami Says His Art Is Too Expensive

How much will it cost you to own a giant sculpture of an erect penis made of metal polished to a high shine? Too much, according to the artist who made it.

Asked by Bloomberg News if his new art is too expensive, superstar Japanese pop artist Takashi Murakami said: “I think so, yes, honestly, yes.”

Bloomberg’s Farah Nayeri interviewed Mr. Murakami on the occasion of an exhibition of his new creations — sculptures of big-busted women and outsized sex organs — that just opened at Gagosian Gallery in London. The artist told Ms. Nayeri that when he told his dealer, Larry Gagosian, that he thought the prices for the work were “a little bit expensive,” Mr. Gagosian replied, “No, this is big, this is big!”

Hm. Now all that’s missing is: the actual prices of these Murakamis. Bloomberg only quotes the figure — $15. 2 million — at which the artist’s 1998 sculpture My Lonesome Cowboy sold at Sotheby’s at the height of the last market boom, in May, 2008. But prices for an artist’s secondary market work — what turns up for resale at auction — and primary market work — the new stuff in the gallery — aren’t always comparable.


Takashi Murakami Says His Art Is Too Expensive