The Daniel Radcliffe Guide to Boozing Your Face Off in West Village

Mr. Radcliffe, reformed boozehound.

The area around super-classy apartment building One Morton Square, in the edge of West Village, has a fine array of well-stoked boîtes from which boozy revelers can choose from. Hell, the Olsen twins used to live there! But it wasn’t the best day for another of the spot’s celeb denizens — in the new issue of British GQ,  Daniel Radcliffe admitted that until August 2010, he hit the sauce a little bit too hard.

“I became so reliant on [alcohol] to enjoy stuff,” Mr. Radcliffe said. “”I’m actually enjoying the fact that I can have a relationship with my girlfriend where I’m really pleasant and not fucked up totally all the time.”

That’s fine and all, but when you were “fucked up totally all the time,” what were your favorite spots? The Observer called every place with a liquor license in the area in search of the spots he found the most spiritual.

First up, Barrow Pub. Pubs — they’re British! Surely, Harry Potter came by The Barrow to knock back something stronger than butterbeer, no?

“I didn’t even know he lived here,” the bartender told The Observer over the phone.

Criminy! What about the sleek lounge Lelabar? Surely this bougie wine bar lured the underage addict with dreams of drams of Pinot Noir.

“Haven’t seen him,” the bartender said. “I usually hear about all the sightings, and I live around here and I haven’t seen him.”

Then we realized, Radcliffe, he’s a rebel. He’d want to go to a real Rock ‘n’ Roll spot. Hello, Rockbar NYC.

“Haven’t seen him in here, but then again we get some people,” said the barkeep. “Katy Perry was here over pride weekend.”

Modesty, Rockbar NYC. Learn it.

OK, so clearly Mr. Radcliffe is into some solitary drinking in his Morton Street flat. He did, after all, pay $4.9 million for the place — why leave it? And with its adjacent location, King Deli is the place where he’d stock up on sixers.

“What?” the King Deli staff said to The Observer. “Who is this? I don’t know.”

Not a beer guy! And of course he’s not–it must be  straight to the hard stuff for Daniel Radcliffe.

“Yeah, I don’t think so,” said the operator of Golden Rule Liquor, on Hudson Street. “I know the Harry Potter guy, though.  A couple times I’ve gone into a restaurant and he’s there.”

A lead– the guy actually does leave his apartment!

Then we rang Sea Grape Wine Shop, which stands a few blocks from his abode. Bingo.

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure he’s been around,” the cashier told us. “He’s been here.”

We pried for details about preference and frequency–a bottle of Merlot a week? Cognac every every Friday? daily afternoon pick up, case of Dom Perignon at the ready?–but he couldn’t say for certain. We now know that, until his August 2010 decision to get sober, the lush that was Daniel Radcliffe got his stuff at Sea Grape.

The Daniel Radcliffe Guide to Boozing Your Face Off in West Village