The Google Buys The Fridge

google fridge The Google Buys The FridgeLast time we talked to Dogpatch Labs-based The Fridge, a private, closed social network incubated at Y Combinator, co-founder Austin Chang was chugging along trying to get The Fridge adopted by classrooms and institutions and trying to hire another engineer; the start-up was pushing updates as recently as last month. But labor in limbo no longer! Google has acqui-hired The Fridge team and plans to use some of the technology to augment Google+. “We look forward to continuing the vision of creating fresh and exciting social group experiences for users across the web,” the company said on its blog.

While The Fridge was adopted by techies at Y Combinator, Dogpatch Labs, WeWork Labs as well as some of the staff at Parsons School of Design, capturing conversations between mainstream consumer users at the scale of a Facebook or Twitter seemed like a stretch. Still, top investors saw strong promise. The Fridge was backed by Y-Combinator, Polaris Ventures, Keith Rabois, AngelList’s Naval Ravikant, Mitch Kapoor, Yelp’s Jeremy Stoppelman, Yahoo’s Ash Patel, the Joshua Schachter, and others.


  1. Nitasha Tiku says:

    And so it begins.

    1. Indeed. I emailed Austin and he’s like “I’ve cc’ed Google communications. They can help you.” Boo.

      1. Cry Baby says:

        What would you expect,  they are a part of google now, he’s probably not allowed to talk about it outside of Google’s Channels, that’s how it is at all big places, grow up

      2. Thanks for the PR lesson, but you’re not entirely correct: 
        1) He gave a quote to All Things D this morning.2) Plenty of people at big places talk to reporters all the time.3) There are interesting things he could talk about without upsetting Google’s PR, about Dogpatch Labs, for example.4) I am a grown up. I am 24 and I have my own apartment.

      3. langer says:

        Damn, girl! I’m 31 and I’m still renting :(

      4. Pat Nakajima says:

        Grow up, Langer.

      5. langer says:

        Oh cool it, Nakajima.

      6. Hah! No, I’m renting. You can’t say ‘I have my own apartment’ if you’re renting?

      7. Ben Popper says:

        I can confirm that Adrianne is a grown up professional and that, as her editor, I still live in my parent’s basement.