There Can Only Be One T-Pain and Other Things We Learned Today

t pain 716283 thumb There Can Only Be One T Pain and Other Things We Learned TodayOn his new record rEVOLVEr (get it?), T-Pain will not use the Auto-Tune voice manipulator that has been so characteristic of his sound. That said, don’t expect him to have transformed into an opera singer. T-Pain spoke with Billboard to explain the album will feature a “technology of his own invention,” The T-Pain Effect. He developed this new voice manipulator with the Boston-based company iZotope. It is available now (list price is $99.00) and gives aspiring T-Painers access to the rapper’s “’whole vocal chain’ of effects.”

“You want the T-Pain sound?” T-Pain said. “I’m gonna give you the T-Pain Effect.”

He continued by saying, “They can sonically sound like me. But nobody’s ever gonna be able to write songs like T-Pain. There’s only one of those.”

Here are the lyrics, in full, of his hit new single with Chris Brown, “Best Love Song,” which ironically, the rapper admitted to Billboard, “I didn’t even write that song; once I named it, I just went in the booth and blurted out whatever came to my head.” Indeed, no one can write songs like T-Pain:

Turn up the bass, turn up the treble,
I’m about to take you to a whole another level!
DJ turn off what you’re playing,
I want the whole club to hear what I’m saying!
Because this girl means so much to me,
And now we’re on the floor and she touchin’ me.
And if I wanna take her home
It’s gonna be better than what they do on the radio!

It’s gotta be the crunkest
It’s gotta be the loudest
It’s gotta be the best love song she ever heard in her life
I gotta tell her how I feel
I gotta let her hear, the best love song she ever heard in her life
No need for me to write it, I just gotta picture her smiling,
And if you feel that way, go ahead and kiss your baby
Now we’ve got the whole stadium in love like yeah

This goes on for some time. We will spare you Chris Brown’s verse, but here’s the ending:

Homie kiss your girl
Shorty kiss your man
We can see you on the kissing cam
Please show me some love
Show me some love
Now look her in the eye, say baby I love you
I never put no one above you
And if you feel that way
Go ahead and kiss your baby
And now we’ve got the whole stadium in love like
And if you feel that way
Go ahead and kiss your baby
And now we’ve got the whole stadium in love like
Eh, eh, eh, eh
Oh, oh, oh

Look for more songwriting gems like this when the rEVOLVEr comes out this fall.

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