Times Doubles Down on Kiddie Luxury With Tales of Private Jet Campers

The Times, which last week reported upon five-figure playhouses for children, today tells the story of campers who fly to summer camp in private jets. (Only Moms and Dads are interviewed in both instances.) Today’s story, in the Metro section, reads more critically than the Home & Garden snapshot of luxury playhouses (“bling for the yard,” as one mother calls them in a quote used subversively, or not); that article ends in a list of luxury playhouse retailers.

The subversion in the private-planes article, though, is far more explicit–while the Governor of Maine shows up, extolling the economic boost the planes provide, the chilly absence of actual children builds to an uncanny feeling of dread. By article’s end, a mother has decided to send her children to camp in Europe to avoid the “crazy world” of luxury-seeking families. That’ll solve everything! (Can her kids pick us up a few copies of some European papers that don’t play a double game of “mocking” and glorifying luxury–you know, after their horseback lessons?)

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