Turner: Washington is 'Directionless' and 'Clueless;' 'Start Drilling'

Bob Turner, Republican candidate for NY-9, advocates for domestic drilling. (photo credit: azi paybarah / observer)

Bob Turner is still refreshingly unpolished, despite having run for the NY-9 seat in 2010 and making his carefully orchestrated debut today.

“I can hardly believe the volunteers didn’t toss their signage after the last election. I had thrown mine out,” he said in his kick-off speech.

Turner is looking to drum up support by bashing the president and the federal government’s handling of the economy. 

“We appeal to Washington for help, for leadership,” Turner said. “They are directionless and, to my mind, clueless.” Turner’s solution is an unspecified mix of lowering taxes and loosening of regulations, which he says are strangling the private sector.

He got slightly more specific when he advocated for more domestic energy production.

“A recovery program can be done quickly, with smart programs,” he said. “We have an energy crisis. Why aren’t we drilling” and “making the diplomatic initiatives to get the pipeline from Canada done?” Turner said that would “employ thousands” and “lower prices.”

“Start drilling,” he said. “Start doing the things that are necessary to put the country back on track.”

Turner: Washington is 'Directionless' and 'Clueless;' 'Start Drilling'