Turntable.fm’s 400 K. Users Don’t Really Listen While They Work

turntable gorilla Turntable.fms 400 K. Users Dont Really Listen While They WorkTurntable.fm, the addictive music streaming site that lets you DJ to a live, virtual audience, has 400,000-some monthly active users according to AppData–an astonishing feat for a (not even!) two-month old start-up. But the hype around Turntable may finally be settling down. The number of monthly active users appears to have plateaued in the last week, and the number of daily active users is down from a high of 49,892 last Sunday to 41,865 yesterday.

Another noteworthy stat, noticed by the Turntable.fm Fans blog: Sunday is the busiest day of the week for Turntable.fm and usage dips dramatically in the middle of the work week, contradicting the notion perpetuated by rooms with names like Coding Soundtrack and Indie While You Work, that people are using the site on the job.

Turntable.fm is still restricted to invite-only, so it’s unsurprising to see a plateau. But the leveling-off occurred around the same time as the launch of Spotify, the streaming music app that is more conducive to productivity and which is rumored to have more than 70,000 paid subscribers in the U.S. already. Of course, The New York Times has already declared its allegiance.