Turntable.fm’s Top Spinner, DJ Woooooo, Shares His Secrets

dj woooooo Turntable.fms Top Spinner, DJ Woooooo, Shares His Secrets

The world's #1 avatar based DJ

In the world of Turntable.fm, his name is legend. “WOOOOOOO” cries the crowd, heads bobbing, approval meter tipping towards Awesome. “There are all sorts of rumors flying around on TT that I’m dating Sasha Grey, that I’m one of the members of Swedish House Mafia and that I’m a DJ in real life.” He denies nothing, preferring to let the mystery build and the music speak for itself.

With nearly 9000 points and almost 1000 fans, Woooooo is the most liked and the most followed DJ on Turntable.fm. He was an early user of the service and established a room, DJ Woooooo’s, where he sets the vibe. He’s happy to give noobs a chance to rock the decks, but not afraid to boot DJs who aren’t moving the crowd or keeping with the playlist. “You want to be me? You have to have your own room. DJ Wooooo is a brand.”

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Woooooo is a classically trained pianist, but it was travelling in Milan a few years ago that he fell in love with House music. “As far as song selection goes, it’s a delicate mix of popular songs and experimental tracks.” Woooooo used his platform to help artists like @Paper_Diamond and @Lazerdisk debut new cuts to the public. “I give them a spot on the DJ booth and they blow people away. Both groups have literally walked away with hundreds if not thousands of new fans because of the viral nature of TT.”

There are a couple simple rules for success on TT, says Woooooo:

  • Sticking to the genre is key
  • But the crowd is very fickle
  • They want new and different, but not TOO different
  • Mood in the room can shift quickly
  • So don’t “set and forget” your DJ queue
  • People want to be in the most packed room
  • So try and be famous, like DJ Woooooo

“If you’re just yanking songs from Hype Machine without figuring out how they fit the vibe, you’ll get called out. Just because some website says they like a song doesn’t mean the Turntable crowd will.”

In real life Woooooo is a start-up hustler, working on music apps, although nothing that competes directly with Turntable.fm. Playing with the service has taught him a lot about what brings new users in and keeps them coming back. “They’ve put out a great beta product and they continue to make priority fixes.  I really couldn’t ask for much more at this point other than a more badass avatar for being the #1 DJ, and a room big enough to hold everybody that wants to come in.”


  1. Picnic CRM says:

    Wooooo! Wooooo!

  2. SashaGrey says:


  3. Not Ronnie Woo-woo out of Chicago. But if only.

  4. Dutchangle says:

    This article is inane and ridiculous.  DJ Wooooo spends 80% of his time AFK’d playing songs straight off the Popular page of Hypem, the exact things he says not to do.  And I love TT, but let’s be honest its a far cry from any form of actual djing.  The crowd doesn’t “move,” this article is heavy on the hyperbole and DJ Woooo is nothing more than an internet savvy music fan with too much time on his hands.

    1. TT Fanatic says:

      Haha, you’re having a really hard time getting up on the DJ booth aren’t you?  Woooo’s room is the best if you haven’t noticed.

    2. Veevos says:

      This might be a virtual floor, but the intensity is just as real. Crappy songs spoil the mood on TT just as in any discotheque, and good songs turn up the heat. I’d love to see some more user interaction to the music being played, but for now, I’ll just rock out at my desk by myself.

    3. Sammy says:

      lol “this article is inane and ridiculous” + “heavy on the hyperbole”… it’s an article on a virtual avatar DJ, what do you want!?

      You mad about something?

    4. Guest says:

      I love it when people get mad @ satire.  

      1. ak says:

        how is this satire

      2. ak says:

        how is this satire

    5. Questionlol says:

      DJ Woo is a fucking joke.  He DOES afk all the time, he sets up rooms specifically for boosting his dj points.  You are supposed to “awesome the song” and once the meter turns green he skips the song.  Oh, and if you don’t awesome whatever shittastic song he’s playing he’ll boot you.  

      I don’t fucking get it.  Why does this dbag get noticed purely for spending his life on a website still in beta?  To be consistent we should start praising kids who play World of Warcraft 24/7 .  what a fucking joke

      1. Subarujoe says:


        You’re a tool.

      2. I was the number one DJ till Turntable became US only.

      3. ed says:

        I think it’s called “narcissism.”

  5. Booooooooo says:

    Ethan Edward? That kid is so popular for playing a few songs off of top charts?

  6. Normalperson says:

    what a doucher

  7. Jesuswoods says:

    The funny thing about this article is that I know the guy married to Sasha Grey

  8. ward nitynine says:

    Been using it for a while now.. more now since I realized StationRipper will download everything a room is playing: http://i52.tinypic.com/2hwzehz.jpg

  9. DJ V i K says:

    CHECK OUT THIS ROOM FOR RAP & HIP & HOP ~ Thanks DJ ViK =-D  http://turntable.fm/rap_hip_hop_just_dope_tracks_3

  10. zim_ says:

    All they do is play shitty music (Skrillex, Deadmau5… etc)
    I played real deep house and none like it.
    Don’t bother joining, they play mid-range shit.. you’re better off listening to the radio.

  11. zim_ says:

    All they do is play shitty music (Skrillex, Deadmau5… etc)
    I played real deep house and none like it.
    Don’t bother joining, they play mid-range shit.. you’re better off listening to the radio.

  12. zim_ says:

    Dj Woooo’s a fag.